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for patients to take an active role in their own health and wellness, they need information. and their healthcare providers need easy, accessible, affordable tools to share what they know. together, patients and providers can both work to remove the barriers that stand between them. find your voice and start talking!
your doctors need to hear what you have to say.   let your voice be heard.

As a patient, your rightful place is at the center of healthcare. Your doctor relies on the information you provide to diagnose a condition, decide on appropriate treatment and help you set important health and wellness goals.

Even beyond that, your doctors need to know what’s important to you when selecting which healthcare providers to use, and what you expect from them. Doctors will listen to what you say – and if you make it clear you expect to share information electronically and will choose a provider willing and able to accept information from your Personal Health Record, it will make a difference.

Tell your healthcare providers you want and expect data sharing from your electronic health records and theirs.

We’ll make it easy. Click take action for materials you can share with your doctor about the value and importance of electronic data sharing.

electronic data sharing isn’t coming. it’s here.
and it’s time to see what it can do for your practice and your patients.

When we ask, most doctors say they chose this profession to advocate for their patients, and what they value most is the time they spend understanding not what they’re treating, but who they’re treating.

Your patients want to share their stories with you, but they need an effective, accessible way to do so. Today, they’re using technology to impart important information…information you can use to better understand and treat them.

As your patients take a more active role in their care, creating and using tools like electronic Personal Health Records, they’re searching for providers who value and support electronic information exchange. In fact, they’re beginning to demand it.

Help your patients and your practice exchange critical information through portable electronic data sharing.

It starts with education and we’re making that easier than ever. Click take action for resources you can use to learn about electronic data sharing, discuss it with your colleagues and patients, and spread the word.

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