Patients and providers are both frustrated by communication challenges...

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patients and providers are both frustrated by communication challenges. by using electronic communication platforms that enable different systems and users to share information, everyone benefits.
how data sharing
benefits patients.
  • A portable electronic Personal Health Record is “one and done.” Once an electronic medical record has been created, there should be no need to fill out the same forms over and over, every time you see a doctor.
  • Electronic Personal Health Records are a safe, secure way to store medical data, and share information with other doctors and healthcare providers.
  • Electronic records provide your healthcare team the current, complete information they need to deliver the best possible care – any time, every time.
  • When you and your doctor can share electronic information, you are informed and can play a more valuable, active role in your own health and wellness.
how data sharing
benefits providers.
  • Patients are frustrated with the fact they still have to fill out clipboards full of registration forms in this day and age, and you end up with illegible, incomplete and inaccurate data collected in the waiting room. Patients with a PHR expect you to accept their information, and you get a more complete picture of patient health in return.
  • Patients with a portable, interoperable PHR are better equipped to organize and manage information and coordinate care with you and their other healthcare providers.
  • Portable electronic data can be easily, safely and securely shared with other healthcare providers (and HIEs), improving coordination of care.
  • Electronic patient charts available online can be accessed from home, hospital or office, anytime, on any internet-connected device.
  • Patients who maintain and share electronic data are more engaged, and more active members of their own healthcare team.
  • Electronic patient engagement is a core concept of meaningful use, and Stage 2 requirements include easier access and electronic data exchange with patients.
  • Meaningful use incentives, coupled with increased productivity and efficiency, deliver bottom line financial benefits to practices sharing data with untethered EHRs.

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